Timing of the Bachelor thesis: The 5 phases at a glance

Writing a bachelor thesis is divided into 5 phases – we explain what they are and how long they last.

Careful time planning for your bachelor thesis, including a well-structured bachelor thesis schedule, will enable you to work efficiently. It is best to take care of it as early as possible, so that you do not get into time trouble during the processing time. Normally, you can calculate about three months for the time planning of your bachelor thesis, whereby this range can vary somewhat depending on the university. The concrete process is also dependent on your chair or supervisor. How do you manage the perfect time planning for your bachelor thesis, when do you best create the schedule for your bachelor thesis and what are the phases and working steps of a bachelor thesis schedule, you will learn in this article.

Bachelor Thesis: Create a realistic schedule

After you have found a bachelor thesis topic and a supervisor, it is serious: Now follow time planning and registration of your bachelor thesis at the Examination Office. In order to be able to create an effective schedule for your bachelor thesis, you first need all the available information about the required length, formalities to be kept and the processing period of your thesis. Subsequently, in the timetable of your bachelor thesis, the determination of individual phases for the different work steps takes place.

So that you can complete and submit your thesis really on time, you should be absolutely realistic in the timing of your bachelor thesis! So you should z. For example, leave at least a week for possible corrections at the end. In addition, many universities not only expect the submission of a digital version of your thesis, but also two to three printed copies. For the timing of your bachelor thesis, therefore, research in good time how the specific conditions at your university look, so that you can assess the time required as well as possible.

Our tip: Make sure you have enough breaks in your Bachelor’s work schedule and, of course, a relaxing short break, to free your mind from time to time! Attention: As soon as you have registered the topic at the examination office, the official processing time is running! So you do not have to worry about time, you should have already created a timetable for your bachelor thesis before registering. So you can later relax and keep to the already defined work steps in the time planning of your bachelor thesis. The general discussion of your Bachelor thesis topic should also be done in advance. If you z. For example, if you write an empirical paper, you can discuss the methods in advance. This will make it easier for you to carry out your empirical study and save a lot of time on top of that. Even a first literature and source search is essential before logging in to save valuable time later.

You should already have answered the following questions before starting the time planning for your bachelor thesis:

  • What scope is required?
  • How much time do you have after registering to edit your thesis?
  • Which formal criteria must be adhered to?
  • How many copies do you have to print and submit later?
  • Have you already specified your topic sufficiently and discussed with your supervisor?
  • Is your specific question fixed, as well as your approach?
  • Have you already carried out a first literature and source search and, if necessary, repeated the necessary methodology for an empirical study?

Example timetable for the bachelor thesis

The following example timetable for the bachelor thesis should help you to create a realistic time schedule for your own bachelor thesis. Roughly, five different phases can be distinguished:

  • Orientation and planning phase (15%)
  • Preparation phase (15%)
  • Structuring phase (20%)
  • Writing phase (30%)
  • Graduation phase (20%)

Orientation and planning phase

The orientation and planning phase in the timetable of your bachelor thesis serves above all the search for topics as well as the definition of the question and procedure and should ideally be completed before the actual registration at the university examination office. For this phase, you should plan about 15% within the time planning for your bachelor thesis. Includes your processing time after registering your thesis z. For example, if you have three months, you must budget at least two weeks in advance for the orientation and planning phase. Times between the necessary appointments with the supervisor can be quite time wasters. The following steps fall into this phase:

Topic search and first planning steps

Preliminary literature and source search

Clarification of your topic and consultation with your supervisor

Definition of the question and procedure

Establishment of a schedule for the processing time after registration at the examination office

Writing the Exposé

preparatory phase

The orientation and planning phase is followed by the preparatory phase of your thesis. It follows directly on the registration at the university examination office and covers approx. 15% of the time planning of your Bachelor thesis – with 3 months processing time about two weeks. This is primarily about the detailed literature research and material procurement:

  • Systematic search for relevant literature (library, inter-library loan, bookstores etc.)
  • Research and collection of further sources and data
  • Reading and evaluating the literature and sources based on the question of your thesis (make sure you always notes with appropriate sources!)
  • Compose first definitions and identify important research problems
  • First formulation of the facts and possibly different research positions

Structuring phase

The next phase will be followed by the structuring phase, which will cover about 20% of your bachelor thesis timetable, and will focus on organizing your collected material. The following tasks fall into this phase:

  • Structuring important aspects and results
  • Creation of the outline for your Bachelor thesis
  • Arrangement of the structure with your examiner or supervisor and possibly the incorporation of criticism
  • If you conduct an empirical study, conception of data collection and identification of the right experts or subjects
  • write phase

For the subsequent writing phase you have to plan in the time planning of your bachelor thesis about four weeks (30%). This is mainly about the formulation of the written raw version of your thesis. The following points have to be worked through:

Step-by-step writing of the rough draft of your thesis (starting with the introduction of your bachelor thesis, from which the objective, structure and methodology become apparent)

In the case of an empirical study: Evaluation of the results and formulation of the conclusion of the bachelor thesis with recommendations for action

  • Creation of the bibliography of a bachelor thesis
  • Checking the raw version for completeness and red thread
  • Editing the thesis according to scientific standards (terminology, reasonableness of the argumentation, references, etc.)
  • Verification of linguistic aspects
  • final phase

The final phase has a temporal scope of approx. 20% in the time planning of your bachelor thesis – thus covering about two and a half weeks. This is mainly about the final correction of your Bachelor thesis rough draft. The following steps are required:

  • Proofreading (if possible also by third parties, eg by a scientific editor & friends)
  • Final correction (spelling and grammatical errors, punctuation, style, completeness of references, etc.)
  • Revision of the layout and update of the automatic directories
  • Creation of a print-ready file
  • No later than two days before the deadline for printing and binding the work
  • Submission of the bachelor thesis