How to organize a bachelor thesis?

Create an attachment

Not all tables and graphics you have to include in the text. Some only deal with side issues or are very large and therefore better off in an attachment at the end of the work. The same applies to questionnaires, statistics and evaluations that would make the body text too long and confusing.

The text should refer to the illustrations in the appendix. To do this, you assign a number and a title to each representation in the appendix. Depending on the number of attachments you number them (Appendix 1, Appendix 2, etc.) or divide them into groups (1st tables, 2nd graphics, 3rd questionnaires, etc.), to which you assign the individual representations (1.1, 1.2 Etc.). The directory is behind the table of contents or in front of the attachment.

The table of contents – the guide to your work

The table of contents is right at the beginning after the title page. It shows the structure of your work and helps readers to quickly find specific outline points.

The table of contents of your work contains the headings of all chapters and subchapters. Create it only when the structure of the work is final. It is customary to precede the chapters with Arabic numerals. As a rule, it makes sense to divide the text into a maximum of three levels (ie up to 1.2.1 instead of

Check if you need foreword and thanks

In a foreword you can inform your readers about your reasons for the choice of topics and report on experiences during the writing. You can also thank people who supported you in writing your bachelor thesis. On the other hand, you do not refer to technical aspects. The foreword should not be confused with the introduction!

Writing a foreword is not compulsory. If you choose, write it at the very end and place it in front of the table of contents. The foreword does not have a chapter number and should not contain more than one page.

Write the abstract of your bachelor thesis

The abstract is a brief summary of the content. It provides information about who the work is interesting for and informs about key theses and results as well as methodology and procedure. The abstract gives readers an overview – and at best read all the work. The abstract should contain a maximum of one page and be in front of the table of contents. Inquire before writing if there are more formal and substantive requirements.

Have your bachelor thesis proofread

Having your bachelor thesis read and corrected by an outsider is legal. Besides, it makes sense because you would probably skip mistakes. Many colleges even recommend their students to consult a proofreader.

This should examine the work on spelling, grammar, sentence structure and punctuation and also note citation errors. It makes sense to commission him at the same time with the editing, so the content and stylistic fine-tuning of the work. These include eliminating logical breaks, adjusting transitions between paragraphs, and inserting technical terminology.

Nevertheless, you have to write your bachelor thesis according to the examination regulations in own contribution. Any form of ghostwriting bans itself! The limit is exceeded when your reviewer or editor changes the content of your work – whether with your consent or without.

Those who have no fellow students, friends or relatives who can do the proofreading in high quality, commissioned a professional service provider. It is important that you detail your editor on all formalities, such as citation rules.

Finish up your work

Just a few more steps – then you’ve made it. Finally, you should treat your work still a well-designed cover page. It is important for the first impression. Content may vary from college to college – so check ahead. In general, you need:

  • Information about the university
  • Title of the work
  • Personal data

In addition, the bachelor thesis must contain an affidavit. In it, you assure that you have written the work independently and scientifically correct. Whether the explanation is at the beginning or end of the work is not critical. It is important that you note and sign the place and date. Many universities provide the exact wording or provide the explanation as a model document.

If you’ve written your work in a company, the work probably needs a lockout prefixed to the work. In it, you undertake not to publish them in the specified period. Companies want to protect sensitive data and research results. Here it is important to find a compromise with companies and universities.

Now you can have your work printed and bound and carried to the examination office. Pay attention to the number of copies you have to submit – so that not just before the finish line but still creates stress.

Take care of the pressure of the bachelor thesis at an early stage

Take care early and do not plan the pressure for the last hours before submitting the bachelor thesis. Because the copy shop at your university we are just before the delivery to be particularly full and you have u. U. reckon with longer waiting times. In addition, you could get in trouble on the spot in time trouble. So, if the printer or the binding machine is not working, the ink is empty, or there are too many others in front of you, the charge is in jeopardy.

In addition, the prices in the copy shop are usually much more expensive than online print shops. So you save a lot of money – up to 100 € – if you plan 1 day for printing. But with good scheduling, that’s not a problem. And online printing is a lot less stressful anyway.

Use an online printing service with free express delivery

We have all online print shops compare with each other: Bachelor Print is the only service a free express delivery and is usually much cheaper than similar online print shops and copy shops. You can print and bind the Bachelor thesis within 24 hours and save up to 50 € on your alternatives.

After the bachelor’s degree: defense and repetition

At most universities, the examination regulations stipulate that the bachelor thesis is defended in a colloquium. This means: You present your results to an examination committee and answer questions. Be prepared and do not cover the time for the presentation.

The correction time of the bachelor thesis often becomes a nerve test. If the “worst case” occurs and you pass through your bachelor thesis, not everything is lost. Almost always you have a second try. It is important that you go in search of the causes to make it better in the repetition. You should object to the rating if your supervisor can not provide any comprehensible facts for your failure.